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                    Experts for you to resolve the matrix switcher circuit schematic

                        Circuit: switching principle is to choose, select the way there are many, the most simple is the signal lines are directly connected together, such as a wiring board, using artificial hop the output signal line connected to the input signal line can also be completed to select, or the completion of the keyboard switch turned on and off, of course, this is a manual, mechanical, indicators and other technical problems do not exist, it is not as matrix switching discussion. The second approach, the use of relay may also complete the selection, using a level control relays off, to be completed between the disconnect coupling of the output lines and the input signal can also be completed the selection of the signal, the third the approach is based on circuit theory, the use of the internal circuitry of the chip is turned on and off on and off, and can be controlled through the level complete signal selection.

                        Relay way: If you do not enter the match with the output drive circuit part, which is consistent with the line, turned on and off by physical contact, from this perspective, there is no concept of what indicators (up to contact resistance and reaction time), so the technical indicators are good and inexpensive, the drawback is the poor stability, after all, by physical contact, the relay has a certain life span, in principle, 80000 MTBF operation and sound operation, due to the circuit board traces can not be done on a larger scale, was not very high-end.

                        Chip ways: by circuit on and off the chip itself there are technical indicators (in the case of input matching and output driver) to protect the technical indicators, it is necessary to choose a dedicated switch chip, so the price is higher, However, good stability, the larger the size of the matrix may be formed.

                        The growing popularity of the radio and television industry with the display and control industry, the application of the matrix switcher for analog signals (video, audio, VGA signal) matrix switcher to discuss, because the signal format of the analog signal, the circuit in the form key indicators and the main problem is basically the same, of course, some differences for different bandwidth, impedance will be classified as a class of problems, digital matrix circuit form analog mode varied, it is another discussion.
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